Outdoors: a day in Kew Gardens

This happened in October, when the colours of nature are captivating and crazily rich. The air was warm with a hint of approaching chill, and the sunshine didn`t let down.

We went to London`s Kew Gardens, which I personally consider one of the most beautiful places that exist in urban environment. I was photographing my family, as I always do, leisurely, without pressure, soaking up the magnificence around us. The girls were happy and relaxed, and so were I. A walk among the trees-my idea of perfection, in every weather, in any temperatures.

I didn`t think about publishing these photographs then, as I was chilling out with my family at the time, but I think this sort of activity is a great idea for a family photoshoot. Now, if only there was another photographer with us then, to actually  include ME in pictures as well…:)

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