Magic of Childhood (1)

Since my older  daughter was born in 2009, I have been spending every summer holidays (which in England means from the last week of July until the first day of September, as this is when schools close for summer holidays) in Poland, at my parents` house in the countryside, full of forests and lakes. Every year I say to myself: “Right, this summer we`re going somewhere nice and  different”, but we end up there. And I know why this is so. I just need to look at these pictures from last summer (2015) to be reminded again, that there  is no better holiday destination other than grandparents` house with their big garden full of apple, plum, peach and cherry trees; and there will be no better company for my girls than their two cousins also living in that house. So coming to spend summer holidays where we do, I have a feeling that I am giving my daughters the best gift of all: a family bond that cannot be broken, and one that will nurture them in their adult lives. The four girls practically spend all days outside-from dawn till dusk (end beyond!), playing in the garden, swimming in the pool , or in the lakes nearby, exploring the forests, running barefoot in the grass, drawing pictures on the sand, breathing in fresh air, with al fresco dining , meeting old and new friends, and then sleeping under the starriest sky that is.

So, we`ll come back to travelling the world when the girls are older and happy to stay without mama, or when they become ready to appreciate a little bit of globetrottering themselves. For now, we have our little piece of heaven waiting for us back in a Polish countryside, where the air smells of pine trees and lake water, and where the most important people live….

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