Lensbaby Blog Circle Month One.

So I`ve joined a small group of Lensbaby enthusiasts on Clickin Moms, to back each other up and co-motivate as well, in order to post a series of 5 LB pictures on the 5th of every month. If possible. Given the circumstances, because well, life happens….and it`s so happened that we`ve been ill in this house since Easter, and I`m late with my pictures, like I am with everything right now. But I don`t give up, ever. So, here`s my Nina, cold and bored, with cabin fever and Celsius fever both….but still smiling. We`ll come out of the house, finally. Spring is round the corner, even in cold , damp London.

3 Comments on “Lensbaby Blog Circle Month One.

  1. I love these Alex. The play of light and shadow with the lenbsbaby worked beautifully here.


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