London Child Photography: Playground Rut.

Have you seen this internet meme, the one about time passing when playing with your children…?It says something along the lines: “You are playing with your child for 16 hours, then you check the time and it`s been only 15 minutes”. I`m afraid too often I feel the same, but then that`s what parents have to do, entertain the little ones hoping they`ll grow fast to learn to manage their own spare time. Same about playground excursions…. Some people like it. Some don`t. Most don`t think a lot of it, but the struggle is real-you go there with your child and hope for the best, because ultimately, it`s terribly boring for a grown up person to watch a herd of little humans climb up and down the slide, or swing back and forth, in hope they won`t hurt themselves…. I`m no other, that`s why I usually take my camera with me when taking the girls to a playground. This way I stay focused and have something to look at when we`re done. Photographing children while on a playground can be and usually is fun! Even when I attempt a more serious portrait shot there, the place`s setting provides lots of interesting frames and backgrounds, so there is no way for the pictures to turn up boring . PLus, there`s usually that pure joy in their eyes-and that`s just priceless.

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