Letters to my daughters (1).

Dearest Nina,

You are not 7 yet, we still have slightly over 3 months until that day. You have 8 adult teeth, you are tall and slender, you are wild and beautiful and so smart it sometimes frightens me. You are fragile and strong, your eyes , the colour of a mountain clear lake, tell me everything and more. I look at you and I can hardly believe you happened to me. You are the tempest, you sweep me off my feet a thousand times a day. We cry together when we fight, yet when we embrace, the sun bathes us in its warmth even on gloomiest of days.I love you so deeply it hurts sometimes.

On Saturday, we didn`t have the best of days. You were moody and grumpy, not pleasant to your sister or to me. Perhaps you felt ignored. Perhaps you were bored.  You let me take a few pictures of you in our tiny, scruffy back garden, amidst the clothes drying on the line, in chilly air. Thank you for those. Thank you for the reluctant smiles and pouty faces. I want to remember that day, in years to come. I want to remember we were not exactly on best of terms on that day, but still orbiting around each other like binary stars, connected by some mightly gravitational pulls. I want to recall those teeth of yours, slightly too large yet for you tiny face, so heartmelting with the promise of upcoming adulthood. I want to remember the sight of your unruly hair, glistening in the sun.

My darling child. You gave life to me.



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