Snow White, Cinderellas and the old caravan

I have been absent here for a while. During the last 4 or 5 months, I have  felt the need to think over who I am and what I want, hence the prolonged break and lack of activity. I never thought I would ever let my camera gather dust, but the fact is, I hardly touched it during that time. I cannot clearly explain it, but I guess it`s a normal occurence in creative life, when the tool of passion and great love gets abandoned for a while, and some rusty gates of despair and sadness open, engulfing the lost soul. But luckily, it`s only temporary. The light comes back and the soul starts singing again…slowly and gently at first, but growing stronger every day.

For me, this autumnal hibernation is finishing with the winter solstice. I am waking up and hoping to find my spark again. To help myself , I am sorting through images from the summer period. I haven`t edited too many of them yet  (a thing unheard of!) but I am looking at them, searching for stories and coming back to the days of sun and laughter with my daughters and nieces.

Here is one of the stories….at first, I though of posting a small set of black and white images only, as that`s what usually works for my narrative best, but then I decided the colour ones will be the main pages of the story, with the monochromes serving as additions.

So what`s this story about…? In simple words, the girls decided to have a dressing up day, with my parents` old caravan serving as their dressing room. Then little Eliza found some discarded shoes, belonging to her cousin, and decided to find out which of the three older girls would these elegant shoes suit best size-wise. So she summoned them all, one by one, and made them try out. In some cases, quite forcifully. And in some cases, the disappointment was quite visible, as was the joy when shoes found the owner.  It was hilarious. And very, very touching.

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