Portrait of a Lady.

I`ve  this assignment for my photography course-to photograph a woman. Easy -peasy, one could say, but after some thinking, not so much. On one hand, what comes to mind is an ethereal set of images in the forest or near some water source, with morning mists and birds chirping in the background. Or a vamp-like setting with a bit of nudity here and there, some sensous pouting and a cigarette smoke.

And surely enough, I still want to create one of the above. And I will, one day! But for the time being, a friend of mine, a very creative soul, agreed to be my model for this assignment. And what we`ve got from it, is so very different, yet still and undoubtly, a portrait of a woman. A creative one. A-one of a kind.

Portrait session outtakes.

It was an early April day when I came over to this lovely Hanwell home to take some portraits of Korina and Kordian. And since it was during the Easter half -term, I took my girls with me for a play date with another girl present during the time of the photoshoot. As it turned out, the house was full, what with    a n o t h e r  girl that came over-the photographed siblings` beloved cousin. And so she features in some additional photos I took during the day, because, why not?:)  We all had fun, and session pictures can be viewed  in the Portrait cathegory of my Portfolio.

And some outtakes from the day…

London Child Photography: Playground Rut.

Have you seen this internet meme, the one about time passing when playing with your children…?It says something along the lines: “You are playing with your child for 16 hours, then you check the time and it`s been only 15 minutes”. I`m afraid too often I feel the same, but then that`s what parents have to do, entertain the little ones hoping they`ll grow fast to learn to manage their own spare time. Same about playground excursions…. Some people like it. Some don`t. Most don`t think a lot of it, but the struggle is real-you go there with your child and hope for the best, because ultimately, it`s terribly boring for a grown up person to watch a herd of little humans climb up and down the slide, or swing back and forth, in hope they won`t hurt themselves…. I`m no other, that`s why I usually take my camera with me when taking the girls to a playground. This way I stay focused and have something to look at when we`re done. Photographing children while on a playground can be and usually is fun! Even when I attempt a more serious portrait shot there, the place`s setting provides lots of interesting frames and backgrounds, so there is no way for the pictures to turn up boring . PLus, there`s usually that pure joy in their eyes-and that`s just priceless.

Lensbaby Blog Circle Month One.

So I`ve joined a small group of Lensbaby enthusiasts on Clickin Moms, to back each other up and co-motivate as well, in order to post a series of 5 LB pictures on the 5th of every month. If possible. Given the circumstances, because well, life happens….and it`s so happened that we`ve been ill in this house since Easter, and I`m late with my pictures, like I am with everything right now. But I don`t give up, ever. So, here`s my Nina, cold and bored, with cabin fever and Celsius fever both….but still smiling. We`ll come out of the house, finally. Spring is round the corner, even in cold , damp London.

Magic of Childhood (3)

Whilst still clearing and sorting our last summer`s (2015) photographs folder, I am terribly missing the warm, relaxed time we spent in rural Poland. And so here are some images from there and then, this time in colour, because colour paints the days with joy and laughter. I hope these do spark joy not only in my eyes:)

Magic of Childhood (2)

Continuing previous post`s theme-more black and white pictures from my children`s blissful summer holidays in rural Poland. And it`s just occured to me-in this sort of shots, where it`s the documentary  spirit that matters, where there is a story to be told, it really is not important to keep all the limbs within the frame!:)

Magic of Childhood (1)

Since my older  daughter was born in 2009, I have been spending every summer holidays (which in England means from the last week of July until the first day of September, as this is when schools close for summer holidays) in Poland, at my parents` house in the countryside, full of forests and lakes. Every year I say to myself: “Right, this summer we`re going somewhere nice and  different”, but we end up there. And I know why this is so. I just need to look at these pictures from last summer (2015) to be reminded again, that there  is no better holiday destination other than grandparents` house with their big garden full of apple, plum, peach and cherry trees; and there will be no better company for my girls than their two cousins also living in that house. So coming to spend summer holidays where we do, I have a feeling that I am giving my daughters the best gift of all: a family bond that cannot be broken, and one that will nurture them in their adult lives. The four girls practically spend all days outside-from dawn till dusk (end beyond!), playing in the garden, swimming in the pool , or in the lakes nearby, exploring the forests, running barefoot in the grass, drawing pictures on the sand, breathing in fresh air, with al fresco dining , meeting old and new friends, and then sleeping under the starriest sky that is.

So, we`ll come back to travelling the world when the girls are older and happy to stay without mama, or when they become ready to appreciate a little bit of globetrottering themselves. For now, we have our little piece of heaven waiting for us back in a Polish countryside, where the air smells of pine trees and lake water, and where the most important people live….