My name is Aleksandra Cetera-Powroznik, I am known as Alex or Ola (for Polish speakers). I live in west London, in the borough of Ealing . I am a mother of three little girls, Nina, Eliza and Zofia. It is them who constantly give me the biggest push to pursue my passion- to look at the world through the viewfinder of my camera. I am , or used to be, an archaeologist and I worked in this profession until the birth of my first daughter in 2009. As long as I remember, I had a camera dangling from my neck, and in 2007 I got my first dSLR,  Nikon D200.  Then in 2013 I switched it for a full frame one and I realised there was no coming back.

As a parent-a mother, I feel I can offer this special credibility to my photographic approach. Having children of my own, I know deeply what it means to live for and with those little people, and how important it is to record our shared existence on photographs. The parent-child bond is unique and the insight it gives me is invaluable when it comes to photographing other families` relations.

What I won`t do…I won`t stick an elaborate headband on your baby`s head. I won`t put your baby in a rustic basket or “romantic”  suitcase. I won`t make you all sit on pretty fluffy rugs, sticking out your bare feet. There will be no smashed cakes with balloons in the background , no staged situations or artificial posing with unnecessary objects meant to adorn or “cutify” your child. And why not? I find that those paraphernalia actually stifle true personalities and emotions….and I don`t want to portrait that. I admit the tiny props are sometimes charming indeed, especially on newborns, and there are great photographers out there who use them just right and produce pretty images. But, it`s not me. It`s not for me. And it`s not something I want to offer to my clients.

What I will do…I specialize in relaxed family photoshoots where natural light and non-staged emotions play the most important role. I believe in authenticity in expressing emotions, and the right to photograph a person, and especially a small person, as their true self. Documenting real life with its highlights and little imperfections through artistic reportage , I want to show honesty, character, personality and magic of everyday. I want to tell you a story about you, your loved ones, your life…I believe in years to come, those unique and timeless images will be cherished and treasured in the family more than any posed, official looking pictures.  And I will make sure that this unstaged truth is presented in a truly artistic, aesthetically pleasing way too.

Where and when?  I adore outdoor sessions, and that`s probably quite unoriginal. Nothing will ever beat natural light and air,  and the energy that pores out of children when they can freely play outside. But the indoors sessions are fun too, and many children feel more natural in the familiar surroundings, in the comfort of own home. The photoshoot can be arranged anywhere then, and I am willing to travel outside London too, subject to travel arrangements.

My ingredients to create unique photographs of your family:

documentary style with artistic vision

no flash-just natural light 

no unnecessary or excessive posing

true emotions 

intuitive approach

magic of ordinary moments

a story of your life in pictures.

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