Baby Aidan at home. London Family Photographer.

A week ago I visited this cute little baby boy at his home in west London. Aidan is not a year old yet, but getting there fast-during the photoshoot he was the most precious little man imaginable, what with his joyful expression, constant vocalizing, playful grin and big, blue eyes, not to mention his inadverent “posing while not actually posing”. I`m happy to say it was the most difficult task for me to trim the pictures down to a manageable number to edit and send to the family, as virtually everything he did during that hour was too adorable not to photograph.
A true star, no doubt!

Here is a selection of images from Aidan`s photoshoot-a relaxed, a bit laid back even, documentary style record of a moment in the lifetime. Like all moments, so fragile and easy to forget, but hopefully this collection of photographs will freeze that day in the memory of Aidan`s lovely parents…Thank you for having me over!

If you would like to book a similiar home photoshoot for your family, contact me on


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