Didymos. Das Baby Tragetuch. Babywearing sling photoshoot.Ludwig.


To be honest, I don`t know where to start, with writing up this post. I am filled to the brim with emotional response when I think about my babywearing journey. I carried both my daughters in woven babywearing wraps from the day each of them was born, until they no longer agreed to be transported otherwise than on their own legs. I bough my first wrap when I was still expecting Nina, almost 8 years ago. From then on, I turned not only into an avid babywearer (the freedom! the hands-free possibilities! the closeness!) who found respite from everyday chores and  a High Need Baby infant`s condition in the fact that actually everything could have been achieved when the said infant was tied up to my body ….but I also became a collector and, well, let`s not hide it- a bit of an obsessed geek.


One of the first companies whose wraps I got my hands on, all those years ago, was the German family run Didymos. They`ve been creating woven wraps for over 45 years now. And it all started with a mother with twins, Erika Hoffman, who re-invented the ancient art of babywearing for the needs of modern European market. Yes, the babywearing was present in the wider world before Erika Hoffman decided to actually start producing her slings. And yes, it had been present in many European cultures as well, including my own great-grandparents` times in pre-war Eastern Europe. But it was Erika Hoffman who rejuvenated and reshaped it, making it accessible, affordable, fashionable and necessary.

So when Tina Hoffman, one of the famous twins who started it all, asked me to take some photographs for the company, I could only agree, and that`s because I truly trust, value and love Didymos wraps. After all, they`ve been with me for 8 years now, and that says a lot:)


The session took place on one cold, snowy February day on London`s Horniman Museum and Gardens grounds. A beautiful place well worth a visit. Thank you Beth for modelling with little Joanna and the beautiful Deborah. The Ludwig wrap is truly beautiful and suits you well!:)

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