Ela and Valentin. Wedding reportage.

This Polish-Ukrainian wedding happened in May, in the south-western tip of Poland on a rainy yet warm day. The guests participating arrived from all over Poland, England, Czech Republic and Ukraine, filling the air with happy anticipation and glee. The nature was lush green, pregnant with blooming flowers and fresh leaves, and even the rain didn`t feel like an obstacle at all.
The bride and the groom, both professional gardeners, posed for pictures in a beautiful garden featuring a pond in neighbourhood as well as among the bride`s father`s hives.
They said their vows in the little village`s church and took the guests to their wedding party where everybody ate, danced and laughed all night-and then some, because when attending a wedding in Poland, one parties for two days!

Here is a little selection of images I had the privilage to take over those two days. It`s all natural, even the garden session posing was spontaneous and care free.
It was a beautiful wedding, and documenting it was a true pleasure.

Have a happy life together, Ela and Valentin!

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