Kordian & Korina. Product session.

It is the final week of January. It`s freezing cold outside, and while hugging a mug of hot tea, I am dreaming of sun and warmth in the air. I can`help it, I am a summer creature and whilst it would be great to experience some proper , snowy winter during the coldest months of the year, well, this is just not an option to be had in London. So dreaming it is….and while ding so, I am browsing through folders of summertime photoshoots.

Somehow I never managed to publish this particular session. It took place late in July 2016, in one of west London`s green spots. The sun was about to set behind the horizon, the air was warm and the children were plain happy, running in the high grass.

The clothes are designed and sold by a dear friend, and perhaps I am biased, but I honestly think they`re beautifully made and super comfortable. You see, I noticed them even before I met and got to know Bozena, the owner. Now both my girls have quite a few of the dresses and blouses in their wardrobes, and I wish they came in adult sizes too!:)

Kordian & Korina are here.

And here are some of the images I took for them, back in the sunny July…

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