Lexi & leaves.

I met Lexi and her lovely parents for our photoshoot in one of Ealing`s parks on the last day of October. The sky was milky grey, but it was not raining, so the shroud of clouds actually worked out great – a giant  diaphragm at the end of the day, gracing us with some sunrays from time to time. The park was filled with yellow and rusty leaves, covering the ground in full, mid-autumn abundance.

And Lexi? Did I say I adore toddlers in front of my camera…? Why, I do! They are fantastic. Not so clueless as tiny babies, and not static at all, but also not entirely self-conscious,like older children can be….so they act 100% naturally-raw, organic energy mixed with wild, sometimes erratic  movements and pure emotions. There is no pretending, even if they make silly faces or turn away to gaze at something as “abstract” as a leaf or tree trunk.    No, toddlers embody the truest truth in photography.

And Lexi was just that. I hope to meet her again!

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