Maja & Amelia. London Children Photographer.

These cute little girls are sisters, and one can tell!
I met them in a beautiful flower garden in London`s Pitshanger Park for a quick photoshoot and let me tell you this…photographing little people, no matter how long or short a session, is a hard task, what with them running around and focusing on everything apart from the camera;). But I dare say, it`s always so worth it. I love children photography and I love the fact that, although it is London, one of the denser populated city in the world, it`s so full of greenery that finding a natural spot for a photography session is never a problem at all.

Next year these two cuties will look different-they`ll grow and change, as children do….but I hope their parents will look at these photographs and remember them being so tiny and squishy not so long ago!
Thank you Maya and Amelia, for your patience-I know all those flowers and bees and butterflies were much more interesting than me and my camera!:)

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