Martin & Witold. London Family Photographer.

When I came to photograph the two little brothers in their home, I knew it would be dynamic and full of fun, as it`s always the case with siblings in front of my lens. When one is resting, another one is conquering the Universe; and when one is trying to have a quieter “me time”, the other usually gets in the way…and vice versa!
One thing is certain, a photographer can`t expect to lazily glide through the photoshoot if there is more than one child involved!It`s like the most exhausting yet satisfying workout when sweat breaks on the forehead and arms start to itch significantly after a short while…and it`s always, always so very worth it, when editing the pictures, remembering that day and hour, and smiling at the sight of goofy faces and fantastic, natural poses. Because it all boils down to the fact that no amount of super-posed, “say cheese!”-ed and propped shooting will ever replace natural emotions, untweaked feelings and beauty of ordinary (yet extraordinary all the same!) , everyday existence. I see love, brotherhood and truth in these images. Do you…?

(If you would like such a lifestyle session in your home, contact me using the Contact tab on top of the page)

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