The motion trio. London children photographer.

It was to be a little portrait session, but I decided to put a selection of the photographs into the “Outdoors” cathegory, because, simply put, these three were unstoppable:) Between catching the light in Lara`s eyes and capturing Lucas` grin, and let`s not forget about chasing Max and his fallen tree branch stick, well, suffice to say, it was a good fitness exercise for me. I must have lost a kilogram or so, running after them:))

And it was so worth it, not only weight-loss wise;) As a children photographer, and a mother myself- when it comes to kids, it`s only fair to let them be them, ever, and always. I couldn`t be happier with how the session turned out, even though the  amount of “classic” portraits here is not overwhelming.

Thank you, kids!

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