Project 365/2017: February

Another month`s gone-how did that happen??My girls have survived the dark, boring days of February, and so have I! We celebrated the Valentine`s day, and then my birthday, and school`s half term break, and into the early spring we are launching now, with somehow renewed energy. It`s the increased amount of sunshine that we`re getting . Come on, spring!

And in the meantime…..February snaps: Read More

Project 365/2017: January

I decided, when the 2016 was ending, to carry a 365 Project again, starting from 1st January 2017. It`s a project when a picture is taken every day. I did it once before, but because it`s so good for self-discipline, I wanted another go, this time starting with the new year….It`s a tough task, no doubt. You have to remember to take a photograph on EVERY day. Not all the images are “good” in the artistic sense, some are taken with mobile phone on auto settings, some are completely unsalvageable technically. But that`s not the point. The point is, to me at least….it`s good to look at a set of 30-ish photographs at the end of each month and think-wow, that went fast! And that`s what happened  in my life, in my family`s life. I`m glad to be doing it again. Read More

Bubble fun or seeking beauty in the ordinary.

These photographs are 5 months old . I took them in September last year (hard to believe it`s February already!), on a very early morning one day, when the sun was low and the light in abundance. My daughters were still in their pyjamas and found some bubbles to play with in our tiny garden.

Oh, the garden….our garden is everything but  beautiful. Frankly speaking, it`s quite rogue. Small, cluttered, sad and dark. There`s a tool shed crammed in a corner there, a huge wheelie bin in another, laundry lines, some sad rose bushes and a tiny bistro table with two chairs. Hardly any space left for actual people….And yet!  With the right approach, even this visually challenging tiny space can become a great setting for something amazing-amazing like two little girls, playing together in early morning sun. 

I grabbed my camera and decided these moments were worth recording. Because, ultimately, beauty and emotions can be found just about everywhere, anytime. 

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