Project 365/2017: February

Another month`s gone-how did that happen??My girls have survived the dark, boring days of February, and so have I! We celebrated the Valentine`s day, and then my birthday, and school`s half term break, and into the early spring we are launching now, with somehow renewed energy. It`s the increased amount of sunshine that we`re getting . Come on, spring!

And in the meantime…..February snaps: Read More

Lensbaby Blog Circle Month Two.

So it`s another month, and another 5th of it-time for five more lensbaby pictures!

This time I`m showing my younger daughter, Eliza, who accompanies me every Wednesday when I await Nina to finish her ballet class. We hang around the venue, and now that it`s finally warm we don`t sit in the car-instead we walk and soak up the sun in the neighbouring green patches. On that particular Wednesday (yesterday!) it was very sunny, very bright, very glorious in terms of light. And so I embraced it fully with my Sweet 35, not backing away from the rays , because sometimes that`s exactly what is needed.


Lensbaby mon amour. B&W part I.

I didn`t want to start this post with the words: ” I love Lensbaby”. But, I do love my lensbaby. From the very first moment I took it out of the box, around 9 months ago. It`s not an easy love, in fact, it`s a very demanding partnership! But in all honesty, if I was to get  rid of the my lenses but one, my Composer Pro + Sweet 35 would be the one to stay. I cannot efficiently express my feelings towards the images it helps me to create, so I`ll let them speak for now….in this post, a selection of monochrome phptpgraphs from the last months, taken with Composer Pro and Sweet 35 optics.