Project 365/2017: February

Another month`s gone-how did that happen??My girls have survived the dark, boring days of February, and so have I! We celebrated the Valentine`s day, and then my birthday, and school`s half term break, and into the early spring we are launching now, with somehow renewed energy. It`s the increased amount of sunshine that we`re getting . Come on, spring!

And in the meantime…..February snaps: Read More

Project 365/2017: January

I decided, when the 2016 was ending, to carry a 365 Project again, starting from 1st January 2017. It`s a project when a picture is taken every day. I did it once before, but because it`s so good for self-discipline, I wanted another go, this time starting with the new year….It`s a tough task, no doubt. You have to remember to take a photograph on EVERY day. Not all the images are “good” in the artistic sense, some are taken with mobile phone on auto settings, some are completely unsalvageable technically. But that`s not the point. The point is, to me at least….it`s good to look at a set of 30-ish photographs at the end of each month and think-wow, that went fast! And that`s what happened ┬áin my life, in my family`s life. I`m glad to be doing it again. Read More